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GPS Systems 101

By Matt Morrison

When you are considering which GPS system to purchase, there are several things you need to look out for and know about. The first thing to think about is what type of GPS (global positioning system) you require - do you need a car GPS, or do you simply want one of the best GPS systems available? Do you want a boat navigation system? Do you need a mobile GPS system or a fixed one? For example, the Magellan GPS Roadmate 700 gives you voice and visual directions, so with this global positioning system you really can't get lost. What's more, this GPS system has a touch screen, and an auto-complete feature for when you're entering addresses, meaning no more misspelled addresses or suburbs. While we're speaking about addresses, you can create an address book you're your favorite or popular destinations. This Magellan GPS system really has it all!

Another one of the great GPS systems is the Magellan Roadmate 2000 GPS auto navigation system. This car GPS system boasts over 1.3 million pre-programmed points of interest, and has a function that helps you avoid traffic! Use global positioning to not only work your way through the city streets, but in the quickest and least stressful way (although, we can't help with the husband or wife's backseat driving)!

But not only can you purchase the best GPS systems to help you get around town - you can also use them as a GPS auto tracking system, for those of you who truly value your automobile and can't bear the thought of anything happening to it. With a GPS system tracking your car, if the worst happens and your car does actually get stolen, the global positioning system can be followed to wherever the suspects might take it - or it can be intercepted by the Police before real harm comes to it! No more worrying about where you car will end up if it is stolen!

Mobile global positioning can also help with keeping track of wayward teens who borrow your car - no more do you have to worry about where your son or daughter has taken your car, you can simply keep track of it via the global positioning devices you have installed (and your children don't even have to know the GPS system is in your car!). Plus there is the added benefit that the GPS system will help your children get from A to B, and not get lost in between - very important for any parent!

GPS solutions are many and varied, so before you go out and consider all the GPS systems, have a think about why you want it (keep track of your beloved vehicle, or monitor your son who just got his license and a new girlfriend?) and for what vehicle - boat, car, bike or something more adventurous! Your global positioning system is an investment for many reasons, so do your research and don't make a decision you'll regret.

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