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RV Satellite TV Connections

Unless your RV is specifically wired to be "satellite tv ready", you will need to do some modifications.

Here's Why!

For regular antenna or cable tv use , the RV is wired with RG-59 coax cable. This type of cable is sufficient for the typical RV amplified antenna or for connection to an RV park cable tv system.

The cable used for satellite tv is called RG-6. This cable has a much larger core wire and all connections for the satellite system must be RG-6 cable. Since the signal from a satellite dish is completely digital the higher capacity of the RG-6 cable is needed. In addition, the satellite reciever sends about 16 volts of DC power through the coax cable to the satellite dish.

If any part of the satellite tv system contains RG-59 cable, the system will be degraded. RG-59 cable may work under optimal circumstances but it will present future problems.

What this means is that your cable tv wiring in your typical RV is not satellite tv compatible. This means is that one cannot simply plug the coax from the dish to the normal cable connection on the RV. That simply won't work.


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