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RV Solar Panels

How to Find the Perfect Solar Panels For Your RV
By Jason Watts

As an RV owner you've always enjoyed the lifestyle and freedom your rig has given you, but having enough electricity when you're not near a hookup does present a challenge.

Up until recently, RV owners had two choices to prevent draining their batteries when using their on-board electrical appliances:

1. Run the RV engine to recharge the batteries

2. Run a generator

In today's "Green" world, neither of those two options are really appealing - especially when you consider the noise and/or environmental pollution. But smart RV owners have found an answer: installing solar panels on to their RV.

RV Solar PanelRV solar panels have the amazing ability to convert sunlight into electricity which you can then use to keep your batteries fully charged at no cost and without pollution or noise. The biggest question most RV owners tackle with is what size of solar panels they'll need for their situation. The answer lies in how much electricity you typically like to use when you've parked your RV.

Figuring out how much power you actually use in a day is a snap. All you need to do is use a handy RV Solar Panel Calculator. It makes it extremely easy to discover that amount of electricity you use in a single day or a week. Once you know your answer, all you have to do is match up your number from the calculator with a solar panel that meets or exceeds that number.

But if you're anything like me, you'll want to be able to generate more power than you actually use - just in case you run into a day or two where you consume more power than you usually do. The great thing about solar panels is most RV Solar Panel kits let you add more panels whenever you need them - giving you more added power.

There's a lot more interesting stuff to discover about RV solar panels and the added independence it offers you. So if you're tired of running noisy, polluting generators to create electricity, then you'll love how RV solar panels will give you all the electricity you need and do it entirely noise free, pollution free and of course, cost free.

Jason Watts travels the country 6 months of the year in his rolling computerized RV office which gets it's complete electrical needs met strictly by RV Solar Panels.

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