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Emergency RV Checklist

You can pick and chose what you think you might need.

Emergency Kit Check List

__ 12-volt compressor
__ Bailing wire
__ Brake fluid
__ Bungee straps
__ CB radio (hand-held)
__ Come-a-long
__ Crowbar
__ Drill and bits
__ D-rings and chain
__ Duct tape
__ Electrical repair stuff (wire, crimp connectors, crimping tool, tape, etc.)
__ Engine oil (3 quarts) (1qt)
__ Epoxy glue
__ Fan belt(s) (spare for each belt)
__ Flares and reflectors
__ Flashlight (with spare batteries)
__ Fuel filter
__ Fuel line and clamps
__ Fuses (for both truck and trailer)
__ Hacksaw and replacement blades
__ Hammer
__ Hand cleaner
__ Hand tools (varied assortment)
__ Hose repair kit (for both radiator and heater hoses)
__ Ignition parts (plugs, cap, rotor, cables etc.)
__ Jack and handle (for truck & trailer)
__ Jumper cables
__ Leather gloves
__ Nuts and bolts (varied assortment)
__ Permatex (non-hardening) and RTV silicone sealant
__ Pipe wrench
__ Plastic tarp (6 x 8-foot)
__ Power steering fluid
__ Puncture-Seal (2 cans)
__ Rags or shop towels
__ Rope
__ Sandpaper (for epoxy, etc.)
__ Small holding tank & fiberglass re-pair kit
__ Spare H.D. flasher
__ Spare light bulbs (turn signal, brake, etc.)
__ Spare lug nuts
__ Spare bearing set and wheel seal for trailer
__ Super glue
__ Extra fire extinguisher
__ Tow strap
__ Transmission fluid
__ WD-40
__ Wheel chocks
__ Windex (cleans anything)
__ Wiper blades


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