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What RV Floor Plan do I need?

The RV floor plan that you choose will depend greatly on your finances and planned usage of the RV.

Occasional weekend use with only two people would require a far different floor plan than a family of five on a cross-country trip!

Choosing the Floor Plan that’s right for you!

The layout of choice is one that varies from person to person. Everyone has differing preferences and that is the reason for the multitude of floor plans available in RVs. There are four main areas in an RV, the sleeping area, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living area. In smaller RV's such as Camper vans and truck campers (slide ins), these areas are combined to make maximum use of the available space. Sofas convert to sleeping accommodations, kitchen sinks are also the wash-up areas and some even have fold-away shower enclosures that make use of the aisle walkway when needed. Obviously these compact units are not the answer for everyone but they make the small space into adequate living quarters for weekend and occasional use by one or two people. This "cosiness" has advantages in that the small RV is very maneuverable, fuel efficient and can be used as a second vehicle, in the case of camper vans and small motor homes.

The larger the RV, the most space is available for amenities. Conversely, these larger units cost more to purchase, maintain, and transport. These are trade-offs that must be considered when shopping for an RV.

Front kitchens, rear kitchens, side kitchens ... what works the best?

Well, that depends on circumstances. Does the cook need uninterrupted access, without many little feet running through to the bathroom? A kitchen at one end of the RV is the obvious choice. This floor plan dictates that the bath be located on the side of the RV, which limits the size of the bathroom area. However, this location is more convenient for quick in and out trips to the "loo".

Side kitchen floor plans allow the bath, bedroom or living room to be located at the rear of the RV.

The floor plan is a matter of choice. It’s configuration depends on the available space, of course, but personal preference and special needs come into play. Consider the use and activity your family will be engaged in. The floor plan that suits two people on an extended cross-country trip may well be most inconvenient for a family of five at the lake for a weekend.

It is advisable to sit in a prospective RV and imagine what life would be like with that floor plan on a rainy day, or a day at the beach, or after a long days travel. Think carefully about what your particular needs are and look for the best layout that will accommodate those needs.

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