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RV Christmas Tree made from Hangers

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    Full-timing in an RV entails some creative ways to maximize usage and minimize clutter. For instance, the annual problem of finding a suitable Christmas tree, had my wife and I scratching our heads for the third year in a row - when our good friend, Heather of Kamloops, B.C came up with the ideal solution.

    Using 6 wire clothes hangers, 1 set of mini-lamps, 2 white garlands and some tape (or wire) she made us a perfect RV Christmas tree measuring about 16" tall and 12" in diameter at the base.

    I will try to describe the construction in the following steps:

1. Take two hangers and place them, on end, so to speak, with the bases facing outward and the hooks pointing down. Join them at top with tape and spread the hangers apart until the hook of the first hander aligns with the base of the second hanger. (Forming a letter A) Tape or wire together where the hooks touch the bases. Add another hanger by passing the hook face down through the opening in the "A" and wire at the top. Next pass the fourth hanger through the "A" and wire at the top and where the hooks meet the bases. Ditto for fifth and sixth hanger. Wire all six legs in their proper position making a complete circle at the base of the cone. Additional bracing wire can be placed at the mid-point position and anywhere else as needed. It helps to have extra helping hands to do this.

2. Wrap the mini-light string around the cone, top to bottom, making sure to place the lights pointing outward. The string should be taped to the framework wherever possible.

3. Wrap the garlands around the cone from top to bottom covering the entire framework with no gaps.

4.Add colored ribbons, small decorations etc.

5. Plug in and enjoy.

The beauty of this project is that it can be quickly dismantled and stored in a small flat box until next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy RV'ing.

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