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Richard's battery box plans

This frame was designed to mount under the floor, just behind the drivers seat of a GMC full size van, (Late eighties style Vandura). With some modifications, it could be used in many other applications with various vehicles/trailers.

I mounted a marine case within this frame, which then bolted to the vans frame and floor outriggers. As I stated, I raise it into position using a small floor jack, then bolt it in place. I use #4 cable to connect to both the ground and distribution block. The ground is a bolt welded to the frame, and the distribution block is wired to one side of of an isolator that is fed from the alternator. The other side of the isolator goes to the engine battery.

I have an excess of cable coiled up at the box in order to allow me to lower the box to check fluids in the battery.

This frame is sized for a 27 battery. A smaller version would fit a 24 battery. I run all accessories from the deep cycle battery, TV, fog lights, interior lighting, refridge and stereo. That leaves the engine battery for starting, head lights, tail lights etc.. It's been in place for over a year now with no problems as yet.


Richards battery box plans

Mickey's battery tray plans


Here is the requested dwg file. My CAD program doesn't support gif files so I had to print out a copy of the dwg then scan it into another program that did support gif's. The output isn't as good as the original dwg but hopefully will be OK.

As I indicated in my original post, this battery mount is high up off the ground is no lower than the bottom of the frame rail. Having the mount hinged makes the job easier than having to support the complete weight of the battery and mount. When the mout is swung down, the battery is fairly easy to lift out of the tray and is maybe no more than 6-8" off the ground. If I had it to do all over again I would make the hinge action every easier than it is now (would elim having to remove two of the nuts on the step mount.


Thanks Mickey !



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