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Coach Batteries

Bob A
Is there any special measures needed to put an external charger on the batteries, ie disconnect the battery cables or can you just connect the external charger & begin charging. Understanding use correct amp & time. The coach has converter/charger and isolators just want to put a full charge on the batteries.

Yes, Bob, you can simply hookup the charger and begin charging. No other proceedure is necessary.

Greg H.
Out of curiousity, why would you use an external charger rather than just plugging in?

Bob A
The coach has been setting up for quit awhile without any charge to the batteries and only have driven it around 40 miles for alternator charging. I thought a charger would build up the batteries quicker, then plug in to maintain. I will be plugging in tonight as it is suppose to finally go below freezing (S. Georgia). I will be putting a cube heater in coach to keep temp above freezing.

Bob A
Thanks Les, I know that works fine in an auto but was unsure on the MH. Better to ask first than sorry later. You must stay quit busy with regular job and this board. You've done an excellent job here, so much information available.

Hi Bob and Greg,

The converters primary job is to convert 110VAC to 12VDC for use when plugged in to shore power. The battery charging part is a secondary function and the charger is not very "smart". Meaning that it's meant for a maintenance charge and does not monitor the requirements or state of charge of the battery to any great extent. Note: the newer converters are doing a little better in this regard. Using a quality external charger that charges fast and the tapers off when the battery comes near fully charged helps to prolong the life of the battery.

Yep, the website, monthly newsletter, and this board keep me occupied, but it is satisfying to help out other RVers and to make so many on-line friends. :)

Greg H.
Thanks Bob and Les,
That's why I keep coming back to this board. Great info for us new guys and gals. Keep it up!
Can you recommend what features one should look for in a charger. I need to go buy one now!!

Bob A
I read that a charger with an equalization mode will top of the batteries better(?). Also, don't connect external charger & converter/charger at the same time.

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