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Propane On or Propane Off? 

Okay, we have to start somewhere, so let's start with the need:

We need to keep our food cold, right?

Now, let's deal with the "how" ...

The RV refrigerator is not the same as your house refrigerator, it does not work the same way, it does not recover the same way, and it needs special attention. The RV refrigerator is an absorption unit - it absorbs heat from an energy source (a propane flame, a 12 volt battery, or a 120 volt heating element) and converts that heat energy into "cold". For a further explanation of how the absorption refrigerator works, click here.

In my years as an RV Service Technician, I've seen many things. Some are harmless and comical, some are hazardous and disturbing, and some are downright dangerous and lethal!

Most of these situations involve the LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) system, but other potential time bombs can be waiting with the 120 volt AC electrical system or even the 12 volt DC electrical system.

These are all energy systems - the amount of stored energy that these systems contain is phenomenal and that is what makes them useful. Consider, for example, the amount of energy stored in a typical 20 lb propane cylinder! This cylinder holds about 4 gallons of liquid propane.



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