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Jim M
User ID: 7399413
Sep 27th 3:59 PM
I have an 89 allegro 27' on a p30 chasis. it is stock, haven't done anything to suspension yet. This thing goes down the road like a boat and rolls and leans as you go. I need to tighten it up. I plan to put on bilsteins but what else should I do to tighten up. Has original tires which I will replace-any thoughts on a type that might help this problem?
TXiceman Jan 24th 4:45 PM
On that age coach, the prings are probably sagging pretty badly. From my experience, Ride-Rite rear bags will help, but is not a 100% fix. How much longer do you plant to keep the coach? If for more than a couple of years, it may be time to put on new springs(and shocks) front and rear.

User ID: 9962683
Feb 15th 4:48 PM
Mike, you referred me to this thread in response to my questions about harsh ride. But that is not what this thread is about. My rig does NOT lean too much. I just drove it in a 40 MPH crosswind and it handled it very well.

In fact it is very stable, probably because of the 228" wheelbase and 58% wheelbase to length ratio. It also has something approaching 4000 pounds in payload.

It has a jarring ride. I'm trying to find out what might be done to improve that.

To reiterate the data:
1999 Model 1330, 33' Sea Breeze on the 18,000 GVW Ford chassis with the wider track front wheels. About 16,000 miles. Goodyear G159 tires, max inflation 85 psi, currently inflated to 80. Stock shocks, no other aftermarket stuff.

1. Is it the tires?
2. Would Bilstein shocks improve ride?
3. Anything else?



User ID: 8200143
Feb 15th 5:16 PM

Although the title of the thread is a bit misleading, the thread itself contains a great deal of information about shocks, including Bilstein (my personal shock of choice), air bag inflation pressures which will greatly improve your ride, and lots of other good stuff.

Proper tire inflation, good shocks, and correct air bag inflation are the first things to check for improved riding comfort.

User ID: 9962683
Feb 15th 8:34 PM
I don't have air bags. This rig has leaf springs in the front. They do make airbags for leaf springs. Would they decrease harshness?

I'm checking the tire situation now. Thanks.

User ID: 9586293
Feb 15th 9:33 PM

Without knowing the weight of your front and rear axle, it is not possible to provide an exact tire pressure. Also would need to know the tire size and type of your Goodyear tires. You should be able to find all the information about this on the Goodyear Web page that you need except your actual axle weight. There should be a chart there that gives pressure for different tire sizes and various axle weights.

Hope this helps some,

User ID: 9962683
Feb 16th 7:51 AM
The tires are G159 on 19.5" rims. I checked the Goodyear data and it certainly appears there is some serious room for pressure reduction. I'm getting it weighed next week to confirm.

My recollection of past vehicles I have put gas shocks on seems to be that they cushioned harshness somewhat. Has anyone here with Bilsteins noticed that?

Dick N.
User ID: 2393954
Mar 30th 5:33 PM
I went to a Workhorse seminar at the North Amer. Rally in Perry Ga. and this is from their Workhorse book.
" The air bag cylinders should be inspected periodically for signs of deterioration, damage, or leaks. To verify possible leaks with the air bag removed from the vehicile, submerge the air bag in water and check for bubbles. Replace all 4880# and 5500# suspensions with Airlift H.D. Bag [GM Part NO. 15631881}.The new wide track suspension with 6000# suspension utilizes a thicker higher-pressure bag {Workhorse part # W0001111}. Inflation pressures should be maintained at 40psi minimun to avoid chafing. Under load 50 PSI is recommend for a 4880# suspension, 90 PSI for a 5500# suspension, and 110 PSI is recommend for a 6000# wide track suspension. Air bag pressure can be adjusted for personal comfort within outlined remmendations."
Maybe this will help clear up some confusion about air bag pressure.
User ID: 9649143
Apr 18th 11:01 AM
I have a problem with steady cross winds. Every time there is any type of cross wind and it does not take much. I have to hold the stearing wheel into the wind. After a period of time this get's very tiring. I'm looking for any experence or help in this matter. I own a 95 Winn. Adventurer 32 ft on a F53. I've put new bilstein shocks on.
Added a IPD sway bar in the rear. New Michelin tires. Had the rig weighted and the tire inflation is correct. The tires were replaced with the same tires that Winn sent it out on. I've also added a Safty-Plus-steer.
Whould air bags help. Maybe a Supersteer bellcrank?
As you can see I am out of Ideals.
User ID: 1655274
Apr 18th 3:37 PM
Nothing is going to stop the tendency to pull under a steady crosswind except a lower profile heavier vehicle - such as a large car. Any very large, relatively light (relative to side area) vehicle will be wind sensitive. And the further that the center of aerodynamic pressure is located ahead of the center of gravity the more sensitive the vehicle will be. Thus a nose heavy FWD car will be rather insensitive to wind. A tail heavy MH with huge side area will be sensitive. I'd like to pursuade my Chieftan (P30) to drive like one of my Caravans, but it'll never get that good. If I can just get the thing to track straight with no wind I'll be satisfied that it's vastly improved over stock.

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