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Bob K
My bride (of 43 years) wants to put new wallpaper in the motorhome. We have a couple of questions. Can we put new vinyl paper over the existing vinyl paper or must we strip the old first? The existing wall covering is very tight and not peeling anywhere. What prep work must be done prior to re-papering?

The last thing I need is to be going down the road and have a strip of wallpaper drape across my eyes.

The first place I would start is a wallpaper place or a good home center. Try a wallpaper manufacture web site. Try to do the work alone, hanging wallpaper in close quarters is a sure fire way to end a happy 43 years.

Pat L.
Are you sure it's wallpaper or wall board? We had a serious fire & I wanted to remove the old stained paper & start again with new...just would not work. So I sponge painted all the walls & it looks great!

Jerry B
I have installed wallpaper on serveral of my motor homes and of course my first thought was will it stay up?And the answer is yes!It is not any differant than hanging it the house,we got the same results everytime.The weather here is very cold and damp in the winter but the wallpaper still looks great.And it wasn't any more difficult to hang in the motorhome,than in the house.

Bob K
Jerry, Joe and Pat,
Thanks for your responses. I thought it might be the same as house but the SPOOSE and I thought we had better check. She (her name is Gwen, by the way) has informed me that she will do it herself and I am not welcome at the paper hanging party, It's been that way for years and that suits me just fine. One frustrated spouse at a time is more than enough.

As Joe suggests, inquire at a good wallpaper store for recommendations. Use wallpaper sizing (don't ask me why they call it that) for the best adhesion. Fill us in on how it turns out.

Peggi M
Hi Bob and Gwen:
I have wallpapered two motorhomes not because They needed it but because I needed a change of scenery. I walpapered as normal and used vinyl to vinyl glue the same as you would use to add borders. I still wet the paper but added the glue as a second layer to the wall. It worked great. This is just one of the many tips that is in my book Spirit of the Open Road found on this site. Have fun be creative and ENJOY the new image

Al C
Management sponge-painted and rag rolled the entire inside of our coach with oil based paint four years ago, it really turned out nice and still looks freshly done.

I rolled on an oil based primer (white) then she took over with her sponges and rags, five different complimentary colors were used, light pink, rose, light grey, a blue/grey and an oyster shell, all oil based.

First she sponge paints one color each day, allowing each time to dry, then she puts a teaspoon of each color in a pie tin and rolls her rag through the pan and wads it up into a loose ball and "pats" the wall in all the open spaces, creating a feathered look between the sponged areas. The build up of paint creates a light texture on the surface hiding any imperfections in the wall and appears like textured wallpaper.

Lots of work but the result were worth it. Al

Joe W.
They do make paint for going over wall paper. Try a home center like Home Depot or Lowe's. Can't remember a brand name.

My husband and I wallpapered the bedroom of the motor home and swore we would never do it again. It looks great but was too hard. So the next room, I painted and that was a lot easier. I put a primer on first and then got a two step paint and put on one color and then another and sponged it off. Looks great and was a lot easier. Now trying to get up the nerve to finish the rest of the motor home.

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