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Repairing Dry Rot

Sorry for the low quality pictures - they were taken with a cheap camera, developed, and scanned with a second hand scanner. But, I think they show the process involved.
I'm saving up for a digital camera!
This is a view of the damaged corner by the entry door. Note that the damage does not appear to be too extensive - basically just one foot or so of the lower corner of the underlying wooden framework.

This next shot is with the skin removed. Notice that the dry rot extends well above the area that shows damage in the first photo. Also the floor is rotted out and will no longer support the step.

This shows the repair that was made to the lower wall and the step area. The sound wood was re-enforced by two by fours and two by twos. This overkill was neccessary because the original construction utilized plywood panels that extended above the repair area and could not be replaced. The rotted portions were removed and replaced with new wood.

The finished product!

This lower corner is now solid and the step area no longer sags when you step on it.


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