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RV Waste Water Dumping Tip

Never leave your black tank valve open when you are hooked up to a sewer equipped RV site. If left open, the liquids will drain off and leave the solid material behind to build up in the tank.

Always dump your black tank first and always when it is at least 2/3rd full. Add water if necessary. This will ensure adequate flow to dump all the contents.

Dump the gray water tank last to help rinse out the valves and sewer hose.

Featured Product

Finally put an End to Dump Station Line-ups!

Flojet Waste Water Pump Kit

Introducing the Flojet 12 volt sewage pump

Empty holding tanks through a garden hose into a portable tank, toilet, sewer clean-out port or septic tank.

Portable macerator pump connects directly to RV waste outlet. Lets you dump over longer distances and uphill. Flushing inlet-valve lets you back-flush tanks. Hand-held remote on/off switch with 6' cord. 12-volt pump features run-dry protection. Easy clean-up and storage in plastic carry case.

A few customer comments:

  •  Hold the calls, we have a winner! - May 21, 2006
  •  No more sewer hoses/connections to deal with!!!! - April 16, 2006
  •  Works Like A Charm, Black or Gray Tanks - No Problem - January 17, 2006
  •  I'd be lost without it - November 24, 2005
  •   This unit is really works GREAT!!! - August 22, 2005

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