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 RV Water Sanitizing 


Use only a special RV drinking water hose when connecting your RV to the campground water supply or when filling your on board water tank. This hose will prevent the rubber taste in your water as from a regular garden hose.

 Fill your on board water tank 3/4 full and add one or two cap fulls (not cup fulls) of household bleach. Take the unit around the block to slosh the mixture to all parts of the tank. This solution will kill any bacteria that have accumulated in the tank during the storage period.

Turn on the water pump and open all taps one by one to allow this solution to fill every water line and flush out the system. Once this is done, let it sit overnight, if possible.

Connect the hose to your city water connection and flush every outlet for at least 5 minutes to purge out the bleach solution.

Drain your fresh water storage tank and refill with fresh water. You can add a capful of bleach every time you fill the water tank to keep it fresh and sanitary. However, due to the unknown quality of campground water supplies, and the fact that the water in your tank may stand for several days or weeks in the hot sun, it is recommended that you use bottled water for drinking supplies or install a quality water filtration unit for your drinking water.

The on board water tank holds approximately 30 gallons of water and at about 10 pounds per gallon this adds up to a fair amount of weight. If you are travelling from RV park to RV park, it is only necessary to carry the amount of water that you will need on the road for the day.

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