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RV Types and Classes

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Truck Camper
  • Pop Up Tent trailer
  • Travel Trailer
  • Fifth Wheel









Class A

RV Types: Class A motor homeClass A refers to motor homes built on another manufactures motorized chassis and resemble busses, in that the cab or driving compartment is part of the coach. They are self propelled by a gasoline or diesel engine which is located in the normal up-front position or at the rear in the pusher type drives.

This type of motor home offers more living space per foot of length than the other classes because the driving area is part of the "coach" and can be used for extra seating and space when stationary.

One major drawback to owning a large motor home is that a secondary means of transportation (car, etc.) must often be towed behind it, allowing for trips to the store, etc.

Class B

RV Types: Class B CampervanClass B refers to campervan conversions of factory van body and chassis. These usually have a raised roof to allow for standing room and some may have wider body section added. There is even a version with a small slide out section to increase the room when parked.

These units are best suited for couples or singles and for relatively short duration camping trips, due to thewier limited space. The compact interiors can include toilet and shower facilities, cooking and reproduction appliances, and furnaces and air conditioners for creature comforts.

A Class B campervan is almost as maneuverable as the family car and can fit in a regular sized parking space. Some people also use them for a second day to day vehicle when needed.

Class C

RV Types: Class C motor homeClass C refers to a motor home coach built on another manufactures chassis where the driving compartment or cab is part of the original chassis. There is usually a cab over bed and there may be a separate bedroom at the rear of the coach, depending on the length and layout of the interior.

Class C motor homes are fully self-contained in that they have all the amenities needed on-board.

Truck Campers

Truck campers are designed to be carried in the cargo bed of a pickup type truck.

Due to the weight of these units, a heavy duty truck is needed in most cases. The slide in truck camper comes in various sizes and floor plans, with the larger ones being self-contained.

The truck can be used as a daily driver during the week and then the camper is loaded on for weekend outings.

Pop-Up Tent Trailers

Pop-Up tent trailers are collapsible, canvas sided, lightweight and affordable. Many can be towed with the family car and represent a good entry level RV. Many people graduate from a tent and sleeping bags to the conveniences of a pop-up.

These units have a central core with a roof that raises up and beds that pull out on either end creating a surprising amount of interior space.

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers are the conventional trailer that we all know. These unit come in sizes from the tiniest 12 foot ultra-light to the heavy duty 35 foot models and the even more robust park model "travel trailer". They are equipped with the bare essentials in the small versions to luxurious, fully appointed "condominium" on wheels. These larger units, especially the ones with slide out rooms are very spacious and suitable for full time living.

Fifth Wheels

RV Types: 5th wheelFifth wheels are so named because of the location and uniqueness of the hitching point. The tow vehicle carries the hitch weight over the rear driving axles and this configuration greatly increases the maneuverability and stability of the trailer. Along with the travel trailer class and the Class A motor home, the larger units afford a great deal of living space and a full range of amenities.

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