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Exploring the Most Popular Home Parks for Park Model Homes


The most popular home parks for park model homes are of course located in the vacation areas of the states with which the manufacturer has close  ties. At this point in time this includes a plethora of properties in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, and Montana.

The most popular home parks for park model homes are very likely those that are beginning to feel the pinch of the gasoline crisis. While in the past the gas guzzling recreational vehicles provided a steady income, current trends have shown that consumers now lack the funds to continue traveling in this manner. Unless a home park wants to turn into a campground, the only other option is the transformation into a model home park.

While RV bays will always be available for those desiring them, the fact that the easy to hook up park model homes are beautiful inside and out, make them a premier choice for park owners who want to keep their home parks attractive to vacationers while at the same time catering to families and retirees who are switching from recreational vehicles to park model homes.

When exploring the most popular home parks for mobile homes, it quickly becomes evident that they are the ones run by entrepreneurs with a vision for a new dawn in the home park industry. As such, many have begin to upgrade their parks and install park model homes themselves and then renting them out on a seasonal basis. Since they are fully equipped with all the amenities needed, they make for a perfect vacation rental.

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