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A Park Model Vacation Home

 Who buys a park model vacation home? Why not just invest in a recreational vehicle or a time share? The reasons are simple as well as timely: to save money and to preserve privacy.
A park model vacation home is one that is exclusively yours! There is no need to pack up personal belongings, keep them under lock and key, or to groan in frustration when you realize – as is frequently the case at time share locations – someone preceding you has broken the refrigerator and instead of having it fixed simply jury-rigged it and left the problem for the next person to deal with.

Furthermore, when comparing the cost of maintaining, renting or buying and transporting a gas guzzling recreational vehicle (as opposed to driving to your vacation destination in a gas economic vehicle) only to stay in style at a park model home, it becomes obvious rather quickly there is simply no wait to beat the savings. All the money you are saving on gasoline, insurance and traveling cost is money you can spend on enjoying the actual vacation destination!
Finally, a park model vacation home makes a wonderful destination for an entire family! Whether you are traveling together, opting to use the locale at different times throughout the year, or simply like the idea of simply sending off the spouse and kids on a quick trip while you relax at home, the availability of the park model home year round makes this a most desirable vacation destination that costs little to own and maintain but pays of big in the long run.

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