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Equalizer Hitch

User ID: 0394114
Jul 28th 6:02 AM
I have a 31.5 foot 99 Keystone bumper-pull with a front kitchen. My tow vehicle is a relatively new Chevy 3/4 ton extended cab short bed. I believe the trailer tongue weight is around 750 pounds. I get different answers from the dealer on how to properly balance and adjust the equalizer set-up. I recently saw a thread here on the proper procedures for settng up and copied it but my computer "threw a shoe" before I could thoroughly digest it. How does one go about setting the correct hookup for best pull?
User ID: 2463104
Jul 28th 10:11 AM
A quick summary.

First be on level ground and set the trailer level front to rear.

Measure the height of the hitch isidewhere the ball rides to the ground.

Now set the hitch ball height about 1/2" higher than the trailer and tilt the hitch head back toward the trailer about 10 to 15 degrees.

Now measure the front and rear of the truck at a convient place like the whell wells or the bumper and record these readings.

Next lift the trailer tongue and back the truck under it. Drop the trailer on to the hitch and lock the hitch. Lift the trailer again. While elevated hook up the WD bars and slect a number of links that can be easily locked down. Lower the trailer and let the tongue jack clear the ground.

Measure the front and rear of the truck again. It should drop the truck the same amount on the front and rear and the trailer should be level. If the truck squats more in the rear, take up a link in the chains( same on both sides). If the front squats more, let a link down.

When done the trailer and truck should be nearly level and the WD bars should be nearly parallel to the ground.

You can adjust the amount of hitch head angle a bit to fine tune the set up.

With a 750# tongue weight you may need to go to the next heavier WD bars, but you may do OK with the 750# bars.

Good luck...Ken W
User ID: 0394114
Jul 28th 10:33 AM
Thanks, TXiceman, I have now saved it to Word and even printed it out for future reference. I was not aware that the front and back of the tow vehicle should squat an equal amount. This probably accounts for the poor towing I have had.

User ID: 1181464
Jul 28th 11:07 AM

In addition to Ken's good advice, you'll find lots of information regarding weight distribution hitches at the Reese site at .

On the index page click on 'Technical Support', then on 'Frequently Asked Questions' and, finally, on 'Weight Distribution & Sway Controls'.

User ID: 0394114
Jul 28th 1:19 PM
Thanks, guys. You've been of great help. Still the best!!



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