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A while back I traded a camper for a 1979 26' Wilderness travel trailer. It seemed a pretty good deal at the time. I had looked quit awhile for a good used large trailer. I liked this one because it has a 52"long by 17"high by 7.5'wide, storage in the back,because the ceiling in the rear of the trailer goes up 1.5'. Before I got it I realized it needed the paneling in the walls and ceiling replaced 'cause it was soft. And I could tell that the floor needed replacing too,but I got it anyway.

It sure has turned out to be quite a project. So far I have torn out the bathroom walls, tub, sink cabinet, kitchen cabinet that held the range and sink and shelves.Then I tore out the upper kitchen storage cabinet and tore out the bunks and closets. Then I tore out the paneling on the walls and alot of the insulation. Then I started tearing up the rotted floorboards in the back end. The vertical wall studs are rotted at the bottom. And the backend corner studs are rotted too.

After I get the rotted parts removed, then comes the installion of new 2X2's and new floor, Replacement of the ceiling joists and insulation,then new paneling, rebuilding of the cabinets ,and new bathroom wall. Then reinstallation of the appliances after they are serviced. I figure I might get it done by next summer.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Whew! Good luck! This is a MAJOR project. Can you keep us updated on this project as you go along? I think others here may be interested.


I would be very interested in all the details with your restoration as we too have purchased a "Handy Man Special" (21.5' 1979 Komfort). We need to replace the ceiling and maybe some walls, the floor is fine. Fridge went too! So we are replacing that also. Our only downfall is that we have no idea what we are doing!? LOL! So please keep us informed!!
Thanks, Heather


I'm still working on getting the floor plywood up in the places where it wasn't rotten, but soon will have that done, then will start replacing 2X2's around the edges, then the 2X2 floor joists. I think I will put them on 12" centers. I'm glad I've got a few friends that can offer me suggestions and help. Boy, you should have seen how rotten the plywood and 2X2's in most of the floor was,I ripped most of it out by hand.

I have decided to detach the alum. siding from the bottom of the trailer, detach the 2X2 vertical studs in the walls from the bottom wall sills, then raise the trailer roof and walls up off the frame with poles and jacks from the inside,then put 2X6's across the frame,and put them on sawhorses on both sides of the trailer.The walls and ceiling will rest on poles resting on the 2X6's. Then I will be able to remove the old rotten sills,then install new 2X2's across the frame on 12" centers,then attach new sills at the ends of the 2X2's across the frame. Then lower the walls back down onto the new sills and attach the vertical studs to the new sills.Then I will lay a new half inch plywood floor.


Bob, thats LOVE and DEDICATION. Allstate would have gotten a call from me about a missing trailer. . . . .but I guess its better than watching TV or pulling weeds!Good Luck!

Robert L

Bob,keep up the the good work. I BOUGHT a 1973 27'RV called Open Road ,no manuals,books,or who the manufacture is.I have replaced all the wood in the front end and looking to do both sides as along the bottom is rottenand the siding waves in the wind.It's definitly a poor mans rv so let me know how yours went.

Gary M

Open Road Was a company that had several plants around the country in the late 60's til the late 70's. Most of them were green and brown on the outside. They built PUC TT Class A and C MH. as well as van conversions. I remember a plant in DFW area as well as one somewhere in CA. Some of their marketing methods were the subject of many debates amongst dealers. As for the rebuilds I am reading, be aware of weight factors and remember that in RV's the cabinets and bulkheads are often an engineered in part of the structural integrity of the coach. Best of luck and have fun!


WOW Bob, You are truely amazing!!! I hope you are taking pictures. I for one would love to see this project. Best of luck-


So far I haven't taken any still pictures,but I have been keeping a step by step video with my camcorder. I took a video of the inside even before I home. At this point I have loosed the aluminum siding all the way around and jacked up the walls about 4" off of the floor. I am in the process of taking out the rest of the rotten floor joists and then remove the rotten sills that the wall studs attach to at the bottom.

It is slow going because of all the rain,darkness in the evening and the cold weather,since we live in western Washington. This will be a time to take some pictures with my camera. Soon the trailer will be at it's most torn apart condition. My wife wants to know who would like to buy a copy of the video for $10.00 when it's all done? I appreciate everyones comments.


Just might take you up on that video Bob. Keep up the good work.

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